Bimetallic Barrels


Auger Screws
Manufacturers of augers of all types.

Barrel Wear Inspection Devices
Instrumentation devices for checking the wear of feedscews and barrels.

Bimetallic barrels and cylinders
Bimetallic barrels and cylinders. Feed throats. For injection and extrusion processing and other applications.

Conveyor Screws
Manufactures of conveyor screws.

Extruder Rebuilding
Resources for modification, rebuilding and repairing of extruders. Information on "On site" inspections, evaluations and repair. L/Ds extended.

Extrusion Barrels
Extrusion barrels, single and twin.

Extrusion Consulting & Advice
Experts in extrusion processing. Trouble shooting and problem solving.

Extrusion Screws
Manufacturers, rebuilders and designs of extrusion screws.

Feed Screw Design Software
Software for plastic extrusion processing simulation.

Feed Screw Plating
Feedscrew plating, chrome, nickel, tungsten, etc.

Feed Screws and Barrels
Feed screws and barrels for extrusion, compounding, blow and injection molding.

Feedscrew And Barrel Suppliers
A directory of over three thousand suppliers of feed screws and barrels suppilers and manufacturers of related machinery and equipment.

Flight Micrometers
Mechanical and electronic flight micrometers for feed screws.

Flite Technology Inc.
Information on new feed screw and barrels, design services, rebulding and repair of single and twin feedscrews for extrusion, injection, compounding and blow molding.

In Stock Injection Screws
In stock injection screws. Demag, Van Dorn, Newbury, Husky, HPM, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, Trubure, Autojector, Kawaguachi, Nissei, Toyo, Arburg, Boy, Reed, Engel, Toshiba

Injection Barrel Resleeving
Barrel relining resources for single and twin feedscrews for injection, extrusion,compounding and blow molding.

Plastic Extrusion
Extruder output calculator

Plastic Processing Forums
Forums for plastic processing for extrusion, compounding, blow and injection molding.

Plating Industry
Chrome plating, rebuilding, and repair of feed screws and extrusion and injection tooling.

Static Mixers
Static mixers for extrusion, compounding, blow and injection molding.

Tornillos and Barriles
Fundada en 1981, Flite Technology es el principal diseador, fabricante y reconstructor de tornillos alimentadores y barriles para las industrias de la medicina, los plasticos, caucho y alimentos. Ademos de los productos que produce la compana, esta posee una lanea de tornillos e instrumentos para el desgaste de barriles, patentados y de gran exactitud.

Tungsten Screw Coatings
Revolutionary technologies to increase wear reistance of feedscrews during productiom!

Twin Barrels
Twin barrels, New and relined. Bimetallic and Nitrided.

Wexco Bimetallic Barrels
Manufactured bimetallic and tool steel barrels. Single and twin.

Wire & Cable source
Distributor for wire and cable products.