Bimetallic Barrels

Bimetallic Extrusion, Compounding, Injection and Blow Molding Barrels

Wexco Barrels are the best-performing plasticating barrels in the industry. Wexco offers fast delivery at the lowest cost. WEXCO's time-tested process employed in making bimetallic cylinders results in excellent cylinder performance and long service life in your extruder or injection press.

WEXCO employs sophisticated centrifugal-casting processes to manufacture its high-performance bimetallic cylinders.

The term Bi-metallic indicates the fusion of two different metals in a high-temperature furnace that subjects the two metals to temperatures of more than 2000oF (>1100oC).

High revolution spinning of the white-hot cylinder fuses the inlay alloy to the bore wall.Subsequent carefully controlled cooling creates a super-hard, highly uniform lining in the cylinder bore that is further subjected to ultra-precise honing processes. The finished bore lining is at least .050" [1.27 mm] thick. Double and triple lining thicknesses are available for specific applications.

WEXCO offers several cylinder-lining alloys designed to meet your specific processing requirements. The listing below provides a general overview of the various WEXCO inlay alloys and their unique features.We will gladly assist you in selecting the most appropriate WEXCO inlay alloy for your processing application. Please contact our Sales Staff. (1-800-327-9310)